50 Years World Heritage – The Future of the World Heritage Convention – Times of Peace, Conflict and War



50 Years World Heritage Convention Shared Responsibility – Conflict and Reconciliation

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November 16, 2022, marks the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention and an important occasion to honour UNESCO’s most successful Convention worldwide. For the Institute Heritage Studies (IHS), this anniversary came with a mandate to assess how successful the Convention’s goals have been.

The IHS sought to answer this mandate by establishing the project “50 Years World Heritage Convention: Shared Responsibility – Conflict & Reconciliation”. The project will conclude with the publication of a book under the same name on the 50th anniversary of the Convention. The book is the project’s greatest success and presents the work of 61 authors from 28 countries, reflecting the global nature of the Convention itself.

The book will be available for free as an open access publication, providing the global community unlimited access to the book and its diverse perspectives on World Heritage. The book will be presented at an international conference on 4 November 2022 on “50 Years World Heritage Convention – Times of Peace, Conflict and War”.