About us

The heritage of humanity builds identity. The Institute Heritage Studies (IHS) has made the investigation and sustainable implementation of the heritage of humanity its mission. The IHS, headed by Prof. Dr. Marie-Theres Albert and deputy director Claudia Grünberg, is a research and science centre that deals with heritage and its diverse constructions.

It is also a centre for a broad strategy for the training, advanced and further education of various target groups, who act or want to act for the protection and use of the heritage of humanity. The IHS meets the needs for protection and use of heritage with a specially trained team of experts.

Important concerns of the IHS are: constituting the heritage discourse through inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches, deepening and further developing international cooperation as well as designing and organising training programs. The IHS stands for a comprehensive understanding of the heritage of humanity and researches and conveys it holistically.


The objectives of IHS are theory- and application-oriented towards core areas:

  • Positioning and sustainable anchoring of Heritage Studies in scientific discourse.
  • Identification and inclusion of key issues such as heritage protection and use, taking into account global developments such as climate and demographic change, migration or technological development in Heritage Studies.
  • Concept development for diverse demands articulated in UNESCO conventions such as empowerment, sustainability, participation, communication or capacity building.
  • Expansion of the network of Heritage Studies with partner institutions worldwide to promote young international scholars in Heritage Studies.
  • Development of concepts and relevant applications of Heritage Studies for general and institutional training programs as well as for advanced and continued capacity building of heritage experts.