The book is directly related to the World Heritage Convention’s mandate for the sustainable protection of humanity’s heritage today for future generations. This mandate stems from the recognition, across borders, of the importance of heritage as a basis for identity formation. In this respect, the book identifies cases of destruction or damage to heritage and analyses their causes, using six conflict areas as examples. Furthermore – and this is another message of the book – people and nations, personally, and state and society, as a whole, are responsible for protecting their heritage. However, fulfilling such responsibility requires knowledge about the identity-shaping significance of heritage. It requires knowledge about the dangers and conflicts that heritage faces and the sustainable practice of conflict prevention and resolution strategies. Experts comment on the implications of these conflicts and responsibilities, among other topics, throughout the book. They reflect on the past, analyse the present and anticipate the future.

The book will be presented at an international conference on the 4th of November 2022.

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