War and Terrorism

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:International_Mine_Action_Center_in_Syria_(Aleppo)_12.jpg , Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, (CC BY 4.0)

Short Introduction
Heritage destruction resulting from acts of war and terrorism has become one of the key problems of the 21st century. By destroying monuments and other tangible heritage, terrorists aim to destroy cultural identity and recruit followers to their revisionist ideology. However, the destruction of heritage for purposes of destroying identity is not a new phenomenon; on the contrary, it can be seen throughout the history of the human being. Therefore, this chapter reflects upon the different aspects of heritage destruction in times of war. To begin, this chapter gives insights into the reality of heritage destruction as a terrorist activity and the current state of affairs. Furthermore, through case studies, the effects of this destruction on the local and regional population will be shown. The chapter also looks at various international laws and the creation of lawless areas. Finally, it offers suggestions and possible solutions regarding how to deal with this destruction.

Coordinating Expert:
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schipper, Prof. Mag. Dr. (LtCol tr.), Theresian Military Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces, Chairperson of the Competence Centre for Cultural Heritage, Cultural Property Protection and Cultural Communication, Lecturer at the University of Vienna (Austria) etc.

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